mad mahi marine

are all about a fun experience!

From spectacular views along the coastline, to seeing amazing marine life, to the fishing expeditions we offer something for everyone.

See False Bay coastline like never before!

Our experienced and knowledgeable skipper and crew are local seafaring experts who know the False Bay coastline intimately and are able guide you and your group through an incredible experience.

The Mad Mahi Marine team proudly offers you a variety of unique cruise experiences from the beautiful Simon’s Town.

A great experience …

Facilities at the yacht club where our luxury 34ft full cabin vessel, Ahi, is docked offers safe parking, toilet facilities and a restaurant.

All cruises and charters depart from Simon’s Town Marina, where our vessel is berthed on the water.

You will have a chance to potentially see a wide variety of marine life such as cape fur seals, dolphins; whales, penguins, and sunfish. A variety of seabirds and even orcas on a good day are also possible!

Whatever is on show for the day you are certain of a great False Bay experience that will leave you refreshed and enthused for more!

Our Cruises

We are all about being able to offer you an experience that you can share with family or friends.

We strive to make sure our guests enjoy and learn about the ocean and its marine life and we do our utmost to share our knowledge to make it an unforgettable experience.

Come discover how beautiful False Bay is from the water. We are very fortunate to have this on our doorstep in the ‘Deep South’ of Cape Town.

After a cruise with us explore Simon’s Town and its wonderful history and unique shops and restaurants in the area.

Our Fishing Expeditions

Fishing in False Bay is such an adventure.

To view False Bay coastline from the water is a breath taking and picturesque experience in itself.

We strive to give our clients the best experience onboard with us, we offer an experience for both seasoned fisherman and those with no prior experience.

For those with little or no experience fishing at sea, we are all ocean and fishing lovers so we do understand how this may seem overwhelming at first, but fear not, we are there to assist you in every way possible way.

Once you get your first bite, you will be ‘bitten’ (excuse the pun) by the experience  and will want more.

Our team will take great care of you and will do our best to fulfil your expectations.

For experienced anglers, our skipper has 40 years of experience and knowledge of the sea and this wonderful coastline, so be assured you will be taken to spots that offer the best results to make your day memorable