Pelagic Bird Watching


Tours Depart from Simons’ town at 7am, after a safety briefing, we take a scenic ride along the false bay coast line up to Cape Point ( the most South Westerly Tip of Africa)

After a short photo session, we leave the coast in a southern westerly direction in search for any fishing trawlers fishing in the deeper waters off Cape point

These trawlers remain at sea for up to seven days at a time and are normally processing their catch. The leftovers are then discarded into the sea, this attracts thousands of sea birds it is not uncommon to have five thousand birds behind a trawler during their feeding frenzy

After Lunch, which is served aboard our boat, we return to false bay and stop at partridge point inside False Bay where we view a colony of nesting cormorants as well as a small island of Cape Fur Seal. It is also common to see pods of dolphins and occasional whales during these pelagic bird watching trips. After returning to Simon’s town at approximately 15:00pm, we will go through a various checklist of sea birds that we have seen for the day . This experience is a must for all keen bird watchers, nature lovers and photographers.

8 Hour Trip
Up to eight passengers
Kids are allowed under the supervision of adults
Expeditions are weather dependent
Snacks and Refreshments included
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  • MasterCard
  • American Express


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