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Businessman and avid fishing fan, Gareth Decker’s passion for fishing was found at a young age when he  used to fish with his dad and uncles from Kei Mouth catching Coppers, Dorado and Tuna.

“It is an interest that I have been privileged enough to enjoy in my childhood and as an adult.”

As soon as Gareth was able to purchase his first little boat, he continued his fishing adventures and has been a skipper for over 40 years at sea.

“I have caught many fish species from tuna, GT’s, Sail fish as far north as Kenya, on the East Coast, and also caught tuna as far as the St Helena in the Atlantic Ocean. I have worked on Commercial Tuna Poling boats as well as commercial yellowtail and snoek boats.

Your Skippers

Gareth Decker

Gareth Decker grew up in Kei Mouth Eastern Cape and from a young age started fishing with his dad.

He obtained his skippers at the age of 17 at East London Ski Bost Club.

Gareth spent many years doing surf launching and fishing in the Eastern Cape, Transkei, Natal and Mozambique.

He moved to Cape Town twenty years ago and has been fishing for Yellow Tail, Snoek, Tuna, Marlin from Struisbaai, Alphards Banks, Cape Town in the Canyon for many years.

Few people realise what the sea can do for you as an individual.

For Gareth Decker it is his passion and he is in his element showing clients his office at sea, sharing the history of lighthouses, reefs, explaining the beautiful coastline we have, the marine life, the fish, his fishing stories and adventures. Learning from someone so experienced you can’t go wrong. He has a lot to offer.

He has taught his wife all about deep sea fishing, he guided her to do her skippers and she currently holds the all-Africa ladies record for the heaviest yellow fin tuna. He coached her into learning his ways and she is equally as passionate.

Every trip to sea is different, you have to embrace the experience and enjoy the open fresh air. His most memorable fish is hooking a 102kg Yellow Fin Tuna on a Popper. 

Jacqui Decker

Jacqui Decker grew up in Zambia fishing on the Zambezi River, Kafue River and Lake Tanganyika.

Moving to Cape Town eight years ago she has been Deep Sea Fishing from Cape Point for most of the year and spends some time in Struisbaai from December to February fishing there.

Jacqui is involved in encouraging Junior and Ladies to fish, she has held a few events with teaching Juniors and had a couple of “Ladies only” days fishing at Cape Point. Jacqui holds a few records for fishing and is an active angler in her fishing club.

False bay has so much to offer us, each trip and experience out at sea is so different and always leaves you feeling revived. I am lucky to share this passion with my husband he has taught me so much.

I find it so rewarding seeing clients land their first fish, or their personal best weight fish and just seeing how being outdoors and them seeing marine life brings them joy.

Being on a fishing boat can bring people together so quickly, it is all about good teamwork, embracing the moment and all about having fun.